Terms of Use

By signing up, user agrees to submit correct property details, title deeds, tenancy information, owner/s ID’s, tenant/s ID’s, owner/s information, address and contact details and any submitted documentation is the sole responsibility of the user and cannot legally hold ALMuajer App or Dar ALSukoon liable to misleading submission.

  • User has the legal approval and rights by his/her tenants to submit ID’s and tenancy contract information to ALMuajer for processing.
  • User agree to have a valid power of attorney issued by the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Justice from property owner/s when submitting service request.
  • ALMuajeer and/or Dar ALSukoon shall not be liable for unauthorized approval from property owner/s to legal power of attorneys to use the service.
  • User agree to authorize ALMuajer App and Dar ALSukoon to use and share uploaded data with EJAR network and any local government authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • User agree to authorize ALMuajer and DAR ALSukoon to exercise full real estate brokerage rights, laws and regulations set by the Saudi Arabian ministry of Housing and EJAR network.
  • User agree to authorize ALMuajeer and Dar ALSukoon the legal right to issue and execute the real estate brokerage agreement set by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Housing.
  • User Agree to pay Dar ALSukoon for the services provided before completion in accordance with the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Housing brokerage fee pricing.
  • User agree to authorize ALMuajeer and Dar ALSukoon to keep and store an electronic and hard copy of any submitted documentation in file.
  • User agree that ALMuajer is an electronic service provided, serviced and supported by “Dar ALSukoon” a certified real estate broker that is legally committed to the policies and regulations of EJAR network.
  • User agree that ALMuajer and Dar ALSukoon has full legal right to verify information provided and physically visit the property concerning the service request.

ALMuajer and Dar ALSukoon has the legal right not to process any service request or issue tenancy contracts on behalf of the user if:

  1. Property data and/or title deeds, ID’s and relevant required data not submitted electronically via App.
  2. Submission of Non accurate title deeds and relevant or misleading information.
  3. Delay of data submission exceeding seven(7) consecutive days.
  4. Service fee not paid in Full.
  5. Partial information submitted.
  6. Provided data not approved by EJAR network.
  7. Unclear or poor-quality image documentation, Title deeds, ID’s and relevant required data provided and/or uploaded.
  8. Power of Attorney holder certificate does not include legal right to represent the owner/s in engaging at signing tenancy contracts with other parties, receiving rental monies/income and property handover.


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