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  • How do I contact Almaujer?

    Our customer experience team uses email to handle the majority of cases. You can send us an email using The more detailed you are, the faster we’ll be able to help you. For urgent issues, please do call us on our call center phone number +966-920006629.

    Professionals: If you need to get in touch with ALMuajer, please head right here.

  • How are Almaujer services priced?

    All of our services are billed based on market prices if not lower! Brokerage fees are set to 2.5% of one annual rent excluding (5%) VAT + SAR /- 125 processing fee.

    To get an estimate, please contact us directly on 920006629 or

  • How are ALMaujer services paid?

    Payment is made directly to company account via transfer or Point of Sale.

  • How much will the Property management service cost me ?

    We at Dar ALSukoon offer competitive property management fees. Moving away from the traditional management techniques, we offer property owners a web-based dashboard that provides transparency and interactive services which set us apart from our competitors. Contact us today for a quotation!

  • What will Dar ALSukoon's online portal offer property owners ?

    After signing up for our property management service, property owners can view detailed income data, tenancy information, occupied and vacant units, request maintenance services and much more.


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